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  • What is the waiting time for a finished illustration?
    The waiting time depends on the number of orders at a given moment, but the minimum margin to be assumed is 4 weeks for the electronic version, and 5-6 weeks for the version printed on canvas. In the months around Christmas or weddings, the waiting time may be longer, so I always encourage you to book the date in advance.
  • Can I book a selected date?
    Of course. I encourage you to make a reservation, then we can be sure that the chosen date will be available. Fill in the application form with the selected picture, I will come back by e-mail with the details and we will arrange some of the most important information. Then, after confirming the valuation, pay for the order and the reservation is ready! :)
  • What variants of personalized illustrations can I order?
    There are two product categories: portraits and maps. The portraits show the figure (s) in close-up, drawn by me, respecting my style, based on the photos. On the maps, however, I illustrate the whole story. In addition to the miniature portraits, there are important places, dates and items related to your interests.
  • Are the illustrations only available in the electronic version?
    Pictures can be ordered in electronic or printed version. If you decide to order a work with a printout - you get the graphics printed on canvas in one of the selected formats. The canvas print you will receive is ready to hang on the wall, it does not need an additional frame. The canvas will be delivered by courier free of charge to your home :) * * applies to orders in Poland
  • What are the formats and prices of canvas prints?
    There are 3 print options: 50 x 40 cm (price: PLN 89), 70 x 50 cm (PLN 99), 80 x 60 cm (PLN 109). The price of the printout is added to the amount for the electronic version of the illustration. The canvas you order is ready to hang on the wall and does not require an additional frame, and will be delivered to your door by courier free of charge:) * * applies to orders in Poland
  • What is the shipping cost of the canvas?
    Shipping within Poland is free :) If the shipment is to be abroad, please let me know :)
  • What will I get as part of the "electronic version"? "
    When you decide to order an illustration in this version, you will receive a file by e-mail, ready for printing, in good quality, in the selected format. You can print it out at any print shop by uploading the file.
  • Will I also get an electronic version of the illustration as part of the canvas print option? "
    Sure, you will also receive an electronic file, which you can then print again or show it on instagram;) I would be glad if you tag me @atogrzywa :)
  • What if I want to order multiple pieces of the same illustration?
    If the option to print yourself is selected - you can print the job several times. If you chose the option with a canvas print - the payment for the illustration is one-time, you only pay a multiple of the printing cost.
  • How are portraits drawn? What do you need to deliver?
    I draw portraits on the basis of photos and a short questionnaire in which there are a few questions about color, text, aesthetic preferences and a few others :)
  • How are the maps drawn? What information do I need to prepare?
    Portraits on maps are also drawn on the basis of photos. The rest of the items are based on the provided list of places and items that I get from you!
  • How to create a list of places and elements for the map?
    After you submit an order via the form on the website, you will receive a form by e-mail, where you just need to list all the important places and elements of interest. If you have a specific symbol that you would like to put next to the city name, there is also a place for it, you can specify it in the form :) Example? I'm already giving! When you would like to put Poznań as an important place on the map, you can indicate that you want it to be goats, not the town hall :) You can also rely on me! I often choose the symbolism myself - then the list of places is enough for me;) The same applies to elements related to my interests :)
  • Can I exchange the place for interest in the basic version of the map and vice versa?
    Yes, in the basic version it is possible (but the total number of elements must remain the same).
  • How to choose the right photos for a family portrait or a map?
    The most important thing is that the photos are up-to-date :) They must also be of good quality, seen from the front, made so that facial features are clearly visible and legible. If you want multiple people in your portrait, you don't need to search for group photos. Better to find a good photo of each person separately. If you have a few of these pictures, so much the better !! When taking pictures for portraits, I adhere to the principle - the more the better! I don't know you personally and I rely on photos, so I have to capture your features as well as possible so that you are similar to each other in the picture :)
  • Examples of GOOD photos to illustrate
    Good quality portrait photos, close-up photos, up to two people in one photo.
  • Examples of BAD photos to take illustrations
    High angle selfie (distorted features), funny face selfie, photo with glasses / headgear that covers face and hair, photo taken from a distance, photo in profile, large group photo - taken from a distance, photos blurry, poor quality, low resolution, very dark photos, black and white photos.
  • What is the waiting time for print delivery?
    The waiting time for printing is approximately 5-6 business days.
  • Is it possible to amend the illustrations?
    Sure - if necessary, we will arrange everything by e-mail! :)
  • Can I use the illustration  on my corporate website or as my company logo?
    In principle, the offer on the website is for illustrations for non-commercial use. However, if it is to be an illustration that you will use commercially, be sure to write it when placing your order. If you prefer, please contact me by email at or via the contact form in CONTACT . I will send you more details about such cooperation :)
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